Success in the Bid for two projects of Beijing Capital International Airport


Recently, with excellent and stable quality and excellent after-sales service, CIMC-Jirong has successfully won the bid for Beijing Capital International Airport in succession. After successfully won the bid for Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd. T3 Terminal Building PCA Renewal and Standby Purchase Project, in the last month of 2018, CIMC-Jirong stood out from many competitors and again won the bid for Beijing Capital Airport East and West Airport Avenue Supplementary Phase II Project PCA Equipment Purchase Project.

As the largest airport in China, Beijing Capital Airport has very high bidding requirements. All airport equipment in the airport are screened according to the strictest requirements. CIMC-Jirong can continue to win two PCA projects in Beijing Capital Airport Terminal T3 & East-West Airport Avenue Phase II in 2018, representing the leading position of CIMC- Jirong in the domestic PCA industry.

Therefore, CIMC-Jirong will, as always, provide Pre-conditioned Air Unit products with quality assurance, safety and reliability, first-class technology in accordance with strict product requirements, and make greater contributions to domestic environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.

December 2018